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Scottish Government Consent Forms have by law to be completed before we can supply customers with any fish.


1. What is Consent to Stock Form?

Within the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 2003 it became a requirement for the person responsible for introducing fish to any freshwater body in Scotland to receive prior consent from Scottish Government  through FRS, a division of Marine Scotland.  There is currently no charge for this but some significant detail is required.  These forms can be downloaded directly from our own website and they include all details required from Howietoun.

Consent to stock - click here

Guidance notes - click here


2. When is the best time to stock?

This is dependent on many factors but for maximum return on fish released spring/summer stocking is best.  Autumn stocking exposes introduced fish to so much more predation pressure than in the past and is something we would not advise.

In rivers it is best to stock once the temperature is consistently above 8 degrees (April onwards).


3. What is a triploid fish?

A normal fish that can mature and breed will be diploid i.e. it has 2 sets of chromosomes and can produce viable sperm or eggs.

A triploid has been induced through manipulation of temperature or pressure on eggs shortly after fertilization.  This process disrupts normal cell division and produces fish that have 3 sets of chromosomes in each cell preventing them from producing viable milt or eggs – in effect they cannot breed.

Triploids are recommended where natural trout stocks are genetically important and cross-breeding with introduced fish is to be avoided.  Howietoun has been involved in research on triploid induction for over 20 years.


4. How are they graded?

At Howietoun we anaesthetize fish to allow complete (stress free) individual inspection.  This ensures that the customer receives fish that are fin perfect and all fish exceed the size requested.

Mixed sizes can be provided within either a narrow or wide range and may allow us to provide fish at a more competitive rate (since less work is involved).  Please discuss your requirements with us.


5. What is the best size of fish to stock?

Every customer has different requirements (and perception of what is best!).  It is important to discuss your aims so that fish numbers and size can be matched to suit your expectations.

A great deal depends on the productivity of the water that fish are to be introduced into.  It is often possible to introduce smaller fish for capture the following season if conditions are appropriate.

Appraisal of a water’s angling potential can be carried out which is often very cost effective.


6. What is the biggest size of trout available?

We have provided Brown Trout up to 19lbs in past years but generally will have 2+ year old fish available up to 2lbs with the majority of fish smaller than this.  If sufficient numbers of 2lb+ fish are required they need to be ordered will in advance since they will be at least 3 years old.



For more information please contact Iain Semple, Brown Trout Manager, (refer to contact us) who will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.


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