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Fire Destroys office buildings at Howietoun Fishery

fire at howietoun fishery offices

Internet and phone links have been destroyed in fire at Howietoun Fishery that occurred before Christmas. All fish stocks are secure but is proving more difficult than originally envisaged by Stirling University to restore services for us.

If you require to place an order for Brown Trout please contact Iain Semple on 07790 764340. If your enquiry is for Salmon Smolts please contact Rob Murray on 07780 706079.

I will update the blog on the website when I am provided with a desk, computer and internet link! Happy New year to all of our customers! I look forward to seeing you all soon.

fire at howietoun fishery offices

Howietoun News, February 2015

Despite longer daylight February has been considerably colder (so far) than early January. Ponds have been covered in ice for some time with only a little open water around the inlets. There is certainly no hope of making significant growth on the fish this month!


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Howietoun News, January 2015

Comparing weather records from past years certainly confirmed that this winter has been relatively kind. Above average temperatures coupled with relatively clear water meant that fish fed well and some positive growth should have resulted. With the few days of high wind and rain came an influx of cormorants that presumably found feeding at sea difficult.


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Howietoun News, December 2014

The very mild weather (until recently) has delayed ovulation in our brood fish with the result that I am still stripping big numbers of fish in mid - December when in a "normal year" we would have stripped virtually all fish by now with maybe 20 or 30 hens left to strip between Christmas and New Year. The hen fish ripe for the first time exhibit some really lovely livery, with almost all fish boldly marked with lots of red spots. This type of colour is now firmly stamped in the gene pool and many customers have commented on the definitive markings in fish received during 2014.

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Howietoun News October/November 2014

Summer seemed to go on for much longer this year and even as I write this (at the end of November) there have only been 3 very minor ground frosts. There are now eggs in the hatchery, the first of which were stripped during a student training practical which allows significant experience to be gained by students many of whom have never before seen a trout! I actually enjoy these visits and I am sure many of the students find the experience both helpful and extremely interesting.

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